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No one wants to invest a lot of money in home exercise equipment if it won’t deliver the goods. And while all equipment will require actual work on your part to help you see results, some pieces of equipment are better than others. Before hitting the store and laying out a lot of cash, check out the pieces of equipment deemed “the best home exercise equipment” by Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors.

Cardio equipment

When it comes to raising your heart rate and challenging your cardiovascular capacity, it’s all about pushing yourself. A pair of running shoes and the great outdoors will do the trick, but if you’d rather exercise inside, a jump rope, exercise videos or a piece of high-quality cardio equipment can’t be beat. If you have the space in your home (and your budget) to invest in cardio equipment, the Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors cast their votes for treadmills and elliptical trainers:

  • I love the elliptical – it’s versatile. You can simulate running when injured/cross-training, you can increase the resistance for better muscle tone, you can use your arms, and most importantly, it’s seen me through some tough running injuries!” – Kate, Run With Kate
  • Treadmill! I have a feeling it will come in handy this winter when it’s too cold to take the baby outside.” – Presley, Run Pretty
  • “I am going with my elliptical since it is in my house. I can change resistance and incline and it’s great for interval training.” -Glenneth, Let’s Talk and Walk
  • “Wow! We can only choose one?! Well, my treadmill & my elliptical win. My tread for the cold, yucky winter runs. My elliptical for those times where I’m injured and still need a good workout! Can’t live without either of them.” – Kim, Run Kimmie Run

Strength, power and plyometric equipment

Don’t be drawn in by the tempting-sounding infomercial equipment! It’s not that it’s all bad, it’s just that when it comes to strength training, some of the best options are the most basic. Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and accessories like the BOSU Balance Trainer, TRX and plyo boxes will help you gain power, strength and endurance without breaking the bank.

Here’s what GGS Ambassadors had to say when asked which piece of equipment is their favorite:

  • Kettlebells make me feel like a boss!” – Kimberly, Barking Mad About Running
  • Dumbbells! Adding strength training can do wonders for your workout results!” – Darlena, Run Find Your Happy Pace
  • Barbells – I miss making time for my power lift class…” – Holly, Running and Baking, Oh My!
  • “My dumbbells! Even when I can’t squeeze in a run or a strength training session at the gym on an especially hectic day, I can take 15 minutes to do a few reps at some point and still feel like I’ve accomplished something!” -Sarah, Mom Running on Empty
  • Resistance bands… you can take them anywhere, especially when you travel!” – Dianne, Just One Step
  • “My TRX trainer because exercises are unlimited for every muscle group and you use your own body weight for resistance.” – Dana, LilBeastyMomAdventures
  • “A plyo box… for box jumps!” -Danielle, It’s A Harleyyy Life
  • TRX, hands down.” – Tracey, Aspire Fitness
  • “Ditto the TRX! It wins over everything. My BOSU is a close second, though” – Jennifer, Healthy Academic
  • Kickboxing Title bag! It’s actually my sister’s, but that’s the best part – we take a drill kickboxing class together every Saturday morning for some quality sister and sweat time. I’m also in love with the ViPR – a full-body workout with resistance.” – Jenn, Fit Appetit
  • “The barbell, for sure! There are so many different exercises that you can do with it and it’s a super empowering feeling when you can accomplish lifts with added weight!” – Jennifer, From Wine to Weightlifting
  • The big tire! I absolutely love flipping tires! Nothing makes me feel stronger or more beastly! It is by far my favorite piece of workout equipment. My school has one that I can use, too.” – Mindy, Mindy’s Fitness Journey
  • Barbell… then kettlebells and a box for jumps or dips.” – Carly, Rock The Dogs
  • “The pull up bar and rower – they make me feel strong!” – Kimberly, Finding Fitness
  • “Oh… there are so many favorites! Weights (hand and barbell) have to be my choice.” – Jill, Fitness, Health and Happiness
  • “My weights!” – Joanna, Sports Bras and Sippy Cups
  • “I love all the new cutting-edge equipment and techniques, but for me nothing beats going old school for lifting… dumbbells, squat rack, bench press, etc., but especially the crossover cables. Never forget where you came from no matter where else you go.” -Nancy, L.A.S.T. Lifestyle and Sports Training
  • Resistance bands! Great for workouts on-the-go!” – Erin, Girl Gone Veggie

Techy accessories

We live in a high-tech world, and workouts are no different! The ability to monitor your stats during and following your workout can play a big part as you reach for your fitness goals. Here are just a few of the techy accessories that Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors can’t get through a workout without:

  • “My waterproof headphones for swimming.” – Lisa, Just Tri Your Best
  • “I am loving my heart rate monitor. I love seeing the calorie burn after a hard spin class or after 45 minutes of doing weights.” -Natalie, This Mommy Runs
  • “My phone timer… to time my #plankaday!” – Jenelle, Mile Twenty Eight
  • Garmin Edge 500 – my bike computer/HR monitor that I have also converted into a running watch using my RoadID sport. I’m a big numbers person, so I love being able to analyze my workouts. Plus, it’s small enough I can take it with me anywhere, including when I travel for work!” – Crystal, CrystalFun2Race
  • “My heart rate monitor because I always want to know how hard I’m working!” – Dana, LilBeastyMomAdventures
  • “My Garmin Forerunner! I love data and it shows me all the stats on my run: pace, mileage, time and calories burned!” – Mindy, Road Runner Girl
  • “How about my running shoes? Second is my Garmin 610.” – Lisa, Run Fast Mama
  • “My iPod. I really need music for running to keep me on track and I appreciate the Nike Fit option for knowing miles, pace, etc.” – Nicole, Apples and Arteries
  • “My Nike+ Application.” – Erin, A Storybook Life

You can’t beat the basics

The fact is, you don’t need fancy equipment to get (or stay) in shape. Your feet can take you miles and your body can provide resistance. A few basic supplies, like shoes and a mat, are all you really need to get a great workout in. Never lose sight of what really matters in a workout: your mind and your body.

  • “I love my yoga mat!” – Lindsay, Running with Tongs
  • “My running shoes! Can’t do most workouts without them. Does that count? Otherwise my treadmill.” – Jen, Marathon Mom
  • “My Asics Gel Nimbus and my Arm Pocket for my iPhone.” – Michelle, Push.Pump.Progress
  • That would be my feet! Honestly, they’re what keeps me moving.” – Michelle, Mind, Body, and Goal
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