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Build an affordable home gym

Not everyone has the money, space or inclination to buy a treadmill or multi-gym for the home, but we all know that getting to the gym isn’t always possible. For those days when time gets away from you and you can’t make your usual gym session, it’s important to have easily accessible (and easily storable!) home fitness exercise equipment on hand. Here are 15 of our favorite pieces, and while they aren’t all super-inexpensive, you can buy each piece independently, slowly building the home gym of your dreams without breaking the bank. Start small by picking up one strength tool, one balance tool, one cardio tool and one tool to help with flexibility. Our top four choices? Dumbbells, a fitness ball, a jump rope and a yoga mat.

Our top home fitness exercise equipment picks>>

Share in the comments: What’s your favorite piece of home fitness exercise equipment?

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