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You know how sometimes you’re so excited about something you want to burst, but you can’t tell anyone about it? That’s how I’ve been feeling for the last few months as I began working with CROSSROPE to put together an amazing holiday workout series for you: 28 Days of Interval Training, sponsored by CROSSROPE.

First, if you don’t know what CROSSROPE is, check out my video review (below). This jump rope training system rocks my world, and I sincerely hope it will start rocking yours, too. You can actually get 5% off with the code GGSCROSS if you’re looking for an awesome fitness-related gift for yourself or someone whose health you love.

Second, and the real kicker-of-a-reason for my excitement, is that I love being able to put together awesome and helpful content for you guys for FREE. Because this program was sponsored by CROSSROPE, I was able to put together the full, 28 day workout program, plus 5 full-length video workouts for you to follow along with. These video workouts feature high-quality audio and three camera angles, so you can really see what each exercise is supposed to look like (and, you can see how hard I’m working, too – trust me, I’m shaking through some of these routines!).

You can access the full program and all the video workouts by subscribing to the GGS newsletter in the sidebar or at the bottom of this article. But in the meantime, check out the first full-length workout. It’s a 100% body weight training program that will absolutely challenge your major muscle groups.


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    where do i find the 28 days of interval training back from December of 2014? I only find a few videos, are there only a few and how does one follow the program for 28 days? Thanks JIll


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