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There’s nothing I love more than versatile exercise equipment that’s lightweight or flexible enough to pack up and take on the road. A few products have made my “must-have” list over the years: stability balls, BOSU Balance Trainers, suspension trainers and now, Lebert Equalizer Bars. The first time I saw them in action, I looked at my personal trainer husband and said, “Why couldn’t we have thought of that?!” Seriously, the concept is so simple, yet so genius when it comes to fitness versatility. In fact, I loved the product so much that I contacted the company almost immediately and said, “Look, I love what you’re doing, I love the products you’re providing, I want to work with you. How can we partner up?”.What we worked out is going to be loads of fun, but before we get there, here’s a little more about the Lebert Equalizer bars and how they can take your workouts to the next level.

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Lebert Fitness

Lebert Fitness was founded by Marc Lebert, one of the top personal trainers in Canada. He originally invented the Lebert Equalizer (the EQ) as a way to perform a body weight pullup at home or in a group fitness setting, but quickly realized how easily the EQ could be incorporated into a variety of fitness experiences. The EQ and Lebert Fitness’ other products, the Lebert Buddy System and the Lebert Stretch Strap, are now being utilized worldwide by trainers, professional sports teams, group fitness instructors, boot camp instructors and the home fitness consumer.

The Lebert Equalizer Bars

The EQ bars come as a set of two, each looking similar to a hurdle in construction. The difference is, unlike a hurdle, these bars aren’t going to tip over easily, and they’ve been tested to support up to 400 pounds each. You can use them together to perform exercises, or you can split them up and use each bar individually. Depending on the exercise, you can stand the EQs upright, flip them sideways to rest on the long bar or tip them over to be supported on the feet and the short, top bar. While the bars themselves don’t open up groundbreaking new exercises that you’ve never seen before, they do enable you to incorporate a vast number of exercises and exercise modifications into your home, group or outdoor workout that would be difficult to perform without other pieces of equipment. For instance, you can use the EQ bars to perform single legged squats, ladder agility drills, dips, modified pullups, weighted burpees and hip flexibility exercises, all without needing anything else. It’s not that you couldn’t do all of these exercises without the EQ bars – you could – it would just require access to other equipment, furniture or props. That’s why the versatility of the the EQ bars is so phenomenal.

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Things to note

Clearly I’m a fan of the EQ bars, but I still want to give a 100% fair review. The main thing I want to note is that the EQ bars come in a single size – 28 1/2″ high x 25″ wide – as a 6’0″ woman, I’m extremely conscious of the affect height can have on the ability to use fitness equipment. While I was able to perform every exercise I wanted to on the EQ bars, there were certain things that I had to make slight adjustments for. For instance, I can lie flat on my back on the floor and easily grip the bars over my chest with a bend in my elbows. This meant that I had to shift my body backward slightly so that I could do the pullups without touching my back to the ground on each rep, enabling a full range of motion. Also, when performing “over unders” where I’d step over one EQ bar, then do a lateral slide under the second EQ bar, I had to get low to fit under the bar. Luckily I have good hip flexibility, which is exactly what this exercise enhances, but it would be tough to pull off if I were much taller. Really, though, I’m in the 99th percentile for height for women and I’m taller than the average man, so the size of the EQ won’t affect most people, and even the people it does affect, it will only play a minor role in the ability to put the bars to work.

Using the Lebert Equalizer Bars

Really, the bars can be used for everything: upper body exercises, lower body exercises, agility drills, plyo drills, abdominal work and stretching. Runners can use them to run hurdle drills, dancers can use them to do barre workouts. They’re even versatile in their modifications. For instance. you can use two bars to perform a pushup, you can use a single bar to perform a pushup or you can lie a single bar on the ground to perform a pushup or even a burpee. The same versatility is true for pullups, dips, ab work and more.

While the EQ bars definitely cut down on the amount of equipment you’d need to purchase when setting up a home gym, the great thing is that they can also be used in conjunction with additional equipment. For istance, you can incorporate a stability ball or BOSU balance trainer into your Lebert Equalizer workout to change things up and make exercises more difficult. There are almost an infinite number of ways you can use the equipment, especially if you have a vivid imagination.

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Special discount

If you’re in the market for home fitness equipment or you’ve been scoping out online deals for Equalizers already, I’m also happy to say we’ve got a special Lebert Equalizer coupon for all of you. From now until the end of January (and possibly extending into the future), anyone who purchases a Lebert Equalizer and uses the code GGS20 will receive $20 off their EQ purchase.


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