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Product overview

The Timex Ironman ONE GPS+ watch is like a level up from other sport watches on the market, offering some very specific and cool features that set it apart. For one, you can load your music and your contacts into the watch so you can listen to your tunes and message your friends while on the go… all without having to carry your phone with you! With bluetooth capabilities, you can pair the watch with a heart rate monitor, foot pod and headphones to maximize your workout. The full-color, touchscreen face also makes it easy to navigate through the watch’s many, many functions without getting overwhelmed or confused – it really is easy learn and use this watch.

The Timex Ironman ONE GPS+ watch also offers many other important conveniences when it comes to killing your run: The ability to track GPS, manage workouts, set goals and receive real-time feedback about distance, pace, time and elevation. You can set up interval workouts based on time, distance and goals, you can easily pause workouts, and when you’re done with a routine, you can elect to upload the workout to the cloud or delete the data.

One of the coolest features is the ability to add contacts and message them on the run. The watch is specifically set up to send SOS messages so you can notify contacts if you get hurt, run out of water, or need general assistance. There are pre-set SOS messages, but you can also customize your own.

You can also set certain contacts as “Angel” contacts – these individuals receive a message when you start or end a workout with a live GPS link so they can actually rack your real-time progress. In other words, if you get hurt or need help, or if something happens and you don’t return from your run, your Angels can find out where you are and make sure you’re okay.

Product cost: $400


  • Touch screen functionality makes it very easy to navigate through the watch’s features
  • The screen is actually easier to see and read in the sunlight!
  • You can add contacts and message them on your run… without having to carry your phone with you
  • You can upload your music into your watch and listen through bluetooth headphones… again, without having to carry your phone with you
  • Safety features are phenomenal – you can send SOS messages to contacts if you need help, and your “Angel” contacts can monitor your real-time GPS progress and make sure you get home safely
  • Interval training workouts are highly customizable, making it easy to set intervals by time, distance and goal
  • You can sync your workouts with other apps, like MapMyFitness, and you can share workouts to connected social media accounts

Low lights:

  • Sometimes the touchscreen functionality is a little clunky – it sometimes doesn’t pick up the touch
  • Entering contacts or sending messages directly through the watch can be time-consuming because the way the touchscreen works – it’s better to enter them through the Android or iPhone app, or through the online portal
  • I really, really wish you could save multiple pre-set interval workouts so you can access them as needed; as it is, you can only enter one interval workout at a time – if you want to change your intervals, you have to clear the interval workout already in the watch and start over. If there were a way to save two or three different interval workouts, it would free up some time.
  • At $400 it’s certainly not cheap, but it’s definitely in-range with other watches that offer similar features

My favorite part

Truly, there’s not much I don’t love about this watch – it’s easy to use, provides safety features and peace of mind, and motivates me to work harder during my runs. I’m especially fond of the interval training functionality – I’m a huge interval training fan, and once an interval is set up, it’s easy to follow along throughout the routine, and because I can save my workouts, I can track progress over time.

Also, as a woman, I love the safety features. I immediately set my husband as an Angel contact so he can keep an eye on me during my workouts. God forbid anything happen, but if I were to pass out, twist an ankle or be stung by a bee (I’m allergic), it’s nice to know he could easily send help to the GPS coordinates of the watch.

Who it’s for: Anyone looking for a high-quality watch to track and manage running workouts; particularly those who don’t want to carry their phone with them, but still want to be able to stay in contact with loved ones and listen to music while exercising.

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