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When motivation flags, check out these posts

Now that you’re a good four months out from New Year’s Resolutions, it’s not unusual for motivation to start flagging. If you’re missing workouts and ho-humming your way through routines, I’m talking to you.

Luckily, if you’ve got big goals and big dreams (and I know you do!), you can reignite your fire for fitness and get back on track… and it’s not even that hard.

I recently worked with SheKnows and vitaminwater zero to put together a series of articles designed to help you #ResetToZero, get outside, try something new and keep your motivation strong. Click through the article links below to find all the resources!

6 Ways a fitness adventure can reignite your passion for fitness

I share my own personal story about attending a fitness retreat, and why taking a couple days to get away (while staying active!) may be exactly what you need.

The perfect full-body workout for hikers and runners

It’s that time of year when heading outside is rejuvenating – plants are blooming, the sun is shining and Mother Nature finally starts releasing her hold on warmer weather. So, enjoy it! Take a trail run or hike, and turn it into a full fledged workout with this program.

Ways to stay motivated after a fitness retreat

If you decide to take a fitness retreat, or if you participate in a big race or event, beware the post-event doldrums! It’s like summer camp when you were a kid – you have such a high during your time away, that you get slammed by reality and start flailing. Check out these tips to learn how to control the flail and keep your motivation high after your time away.

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