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It’s not just the boutique fitness studios that are doing cool things, sometimes the “big dogs” come out barking, and that’s exactly what Equinox has done with its latest class, ShockWave. Shockwave is designed to pack bouts of high-intensity, low-impact exercise into a 30 or 45 minutes class, delivering big results in a fraction of the time.

About ShockWave

Dubbed the “most efficient total-body workout in the world,” you’ll engage in extreme cross-training throughout the class. One factor that sets it apart is that participants form teams with fellow exercisers to engage in friendly competition. Each team has a captain to help keep everyone on track, and team members encourage one another to push through plateaus.

One of the highlights of the workout is the Indo-Row itself. The Indo-Row is designed by the critically acclaimed WaterRower company and it engages more than 80% of the body’s muscle mass with each stroke, making it possible to blast calories with intense burst of cardio and minimal impact on the body.

ShockWave interview: Kristy DiScipio

There’s no doubt that rowing is returning to the forefront of the fitness industry, so GirlsGoneSporty was anxious to learn more about this class and how it can help women get in top shape for summer. To learn more, we caught up with Kristy DiScipio, the Boston Area Group Fitness Manager for Equinox, the area where the class originated. Here’s what we learned:

GirlsGoneSporty (GGS): So can you tell me a little about why ShockWave was developed?

Kristy DiScipio (KD): ShockWave was born out of the desire to create a total body circuit challenge sharing the easy-to-learn, no impact, high intensity, calorie-blasting benefits of rowing for everyone.

GGS: So what makes it different from other circuit training classes?

KD: The difference between ShockWave and other circuit training classes is its unique team-oriented design, and friendly competition. Unlike most circuit workouts, ShockWave encourages member interaction, socialization and camaraderie. Due to its focus on combining high-intensity cardiovascular interval training with muscular strength and endurance training, ShockWave also helps burn maximum calories in a minimum amount of time…who doesn’t want that?

GGS: How can someone can benefit from taking this class?

KD: Because ShockWave integrates additional functional training tools such as ViPR, Kettle bells, Reactive Balance Training (Bosu, Step 360), Body Bars and more…it is the perfect solution for anyone looking to burn fat, redefine their arms, back and legs, lose weight, increase lean muscle mass and increase muscular strength in a short time period.

ShockWave is perfect for all levels of fitness. From young to old, conditioned to de-conditioned, anyone with the desire to push themselves to be their best will reap the total body benefits. Those with hectic schedules or little time to workout will love ShockWave as it provides everything needed to achieve extreme results…it’s a one stop shop workout!

GGS: With beach season quickly approaching, how does this class help people get beach body ready?

KD: The number one question I get asked all the time is, “Kristy, how can I get my body ready for the beach?”” The answer is high-intensity, calorie-blasting intervals that combine strength and cardiovascular training. In essence, ShockWave. The secret to getting fit is working hard in short bursts – get in, get on, get out…is my philosophy.

The secret sauce of a ShockWave class is the integration of rowing with results-based strength, coordination and balance training. Rowing is an unbeatable cross trainer, it works all major muscle groups, the cardiovascular system, flexibility, mental focus, and toughness in a non-impact manner. Add the calorie burn and you have a recipe for long, lean muscles that look sexy in a bathing suit. Soon you will be saying, “I’m sexy and I know it!”

GGS: What can people do to mix things up and get motivated to get back in shape?

KD: The best way to mix things up, get and stay motivated to stay in shape is to rid yourself of the boredom factor. Find activities that you enjoy. Workout with a friend or in a group, track your workouts and push yourself to be the best possible version of yourself that you can be. An example – participate in a class where you compete with others.  Competition is super fun and it will motivate you to work harder than if you were going it alone.  Or, you could try a new machine; such as the Indo-Row, which will challenge your mind and body and keep your workouts interesting while you’re having fun.”

Find a class

ShockWave started at the Dartmouth Street location in Boston’s Back Bay (617.578.8918), and the Franklin Street location in Boston’s Financial District (617.426.2140), but will be expanding to gyms across the country this year. To find out if it’s offered at your local facility, please visit www.Equinox.com.


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