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A summer vacation is never complete without a trip to the beach. But don’t just lounge in the sand, watching the tide roll in. Get up and get active, and test out this custom-designed beach workout courtesy of the new fitness franchise, GYMGUYZ.

beach workout

  1. Run along the shoreline, sprinting as fast as you can, then recover. Do five cycles of two-minute sprints, with one-minute recovery.
  2. Pushups on the sand engage your core even more than on a hard surface. Do three total sets of pushups (as many as you can per set). To make the exercise more advanced, raise one leg, and alternate between legs as you do each pushup.
  3. Perform three sets of planks for one-minute each. Like the pushups, you can make the exercise more difficult by raising one leg as you perform the exercise.
  4. Hop in the water and swim along the shoreline. After swimming 30 to 60 strokes, take a “break” and tread water for 30 to 60 seconds. Swim back to start and repeat two more times. Mix up the interval timing as you see fit.
  5. While floating on your back, complete “situps” in the water, pulling your knees into your chest before extending your legs again. Perform three sets of as many as you can.
  6. Finish your workout with squats. You can keep these simple with a basic bodyweight squat, or you can ramp up the intensity by performing squat jumps. If performing regular squats, perform three sets of squats, each performed for one minute. If performing squat jumps, aim for three sets of 10 to 15 jumps.

GYMGUYZ is a franchise where the fitness coaches come to you wherever you want to workout, with a creative and customized routine. The corporate team is located on Long Island, with the first franchisee in Westchester.

Image credit: Sam Langer

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