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Cook up a healthier kitchen

Having an abundance of healthy food in your fridge s the first step to a well-balanced diet, but there’s no denying that the right tools and accessories can make healthy cooking easier. Stock up on supplies like these to transition yourself from a so-so chef to a so-healthy one.

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Airfryer, $250

Giving up fried foods is a great step toward a healthier you, but if you just can’t function without your fried favorites, trade in your deep fryer for the Airfryer. The Airfryer delivers food that’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, but requires little to no oil to get the job done. So instead of deep frying egg rolls and french fries, skip the extra fat consumption and Airfry them instead. If you’re not into fried foods, the Airfryer also allows you to roast, bake, and grill as well.

Bentgo, $15

It’s time to make it easier to take a healthy lunch to work. With a few Bentgos on hand, you can transfer your dinner leftovers directly into the microwave- and dishwasher-safe stackable containers. Complete with a set of silverware and portion-controlled compartments, your lunch will be ready to go in seconds, no paper bags or plastic baggies required!

Baking Steel, $79

Eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up your favorites, it just means finding a healthier way to fix them. If you’re a pizza lover, that means skipping the thick, doughy crusts and opting instead for a thin, deliciously crispy alternative. Baking Steel makes it possible to fall in love with your pizza crust every time – the 1/4″ thick piece of recycled stainless steel provides the perfect conductive surface that delivers a crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside crust in less time than traditional pizza stones or pans. Plus, Baking Steel comes covered in a proprietary oil that prevents crusts from sticking, so you don’t have to use more oil during cooking.

Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat, $18

You’ve probably become accustomed to greasing your pans and baking sheets before baking or roasting your favorite goodies. With a Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat, you can skip the grease, tin foil, or parchment paper and turn any pan or baking sheet into a non-stick surface. Made of fiber glass and silicone, the Silpat mats last for thousands of uses and are safe at temperatures ranging from -40 F to 480 F.

Tribest Dynablend Plus, $189

A blender is the perfect tool for whipping up smoothies, healthy soups, and even nut butters, but you need a high-powered blender to do the job. Many of the top brands on the market charge more than $400, but you can get the Tribest Dynablend Plus for less than half that amount. Featuring a 1.1 horsepower motor, a glass carafe, and some really cool blending features (like a blend-pulse preset button), you can slice and dice fruits, vegetables, and frozen goods in a fraction of the time it takes for most other blenders. Trust us, we’ve tried it!

Ronco EZ-Store Rotisserie, $150

Cook up two chickens, a 15-pound turkey or up to eight burger patties in this countertop rotisserie that can be folded up and put away. The benefit of rotisserie cooking is that it locks in flavor while draining fat away, creating healthier, succulent dishes. Also, once you’ve set the rotisserie, you can leave your food to cook until the timer goes off – no frequent checking or turning required!

Zoku Quick Pop Maker, $50

Make healthy, homemade ice pops in minutes using the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. Most popsicle molds require you to freeze the juice or fruit mixture for at least four hours before enjoying your spoils, but with the Quick Pop Maker you can make ice pops in just seven minutes right on your countertop without any electricity at all. If you or your family balks at the idea of eating more fruits and veggies, this is the perfect way to turn fruit and veggie smoothies into a treat everyone enjoys.

Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Fry Pan, $30-$160

Even if you already use non-stick fry pans, you probably still cook with oil. Cut the oil completely by using Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Pans. The Swiss Diamond proprietary coating is infused with diamond crystals to create a naturally non-stick surface that washes clean with just soap and water. Heat safe up to 500 F, you can cook oil-free on the stove or in the oven.

But don’t just take our word for it – Swiss Diamond is ranked #1 by Consumer Reports and is recommended for vegetarian and vegan cooking by the American Vegetarian Association.

Grow-A-Garden Calendar, $20

Start a garden the easy way with the dummy-proof Grow-A-Garden Calendar. Each calendar month features seed paper embedded with seeds of herbs or vegetables that are designed to be planted just following the month’s end. Simply follow the calendar’s planting instructions and plant the seed paper so you can enjoy the veggies of your labor all year long!

BerryBreeze, $45

One of the biggest downfalls of healthy eating is buying lots of fruits and veggies, only for them to go bad in your fridge before you eat them. The BerryBreeze Fridge Freshener uses activated oxygen to extend the life of your produce by two to three times. So instead of having a few days to eat those fresh strawberries, enjoy them for a week! Just don’t forget that the BerryBreeze unit requires batteries that aren’t included with purchase – pick up a pack of four D batteries to complete your purchase.

Eat Cleaner Fruit & Veggie Wipes, $17

Fruits and veggies are hard to clean. While you can wash them in the sink, when you’re on the go your options are limited. Grab a few packs of the Eat Cleaner Fruit & Veggie Wipes so you can clean and eat fresh fruits and veggies wherever you happen to be. You can even use them to clean off hands, utensils, and kids’ lunchboxes, too!

Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel, $40

Never worry about where to set down your kitchen utensils again. The Joseph Joseph Elevate series features utensils with weighted handles and integrated tool rests so that the business side of the tool never touches a dirty stove or counter top. Perfect for non-stick cookware, they’re heat-safe up to 480 F. The Elevate Carousel includes a slotted spoon, slotted turner, solid spoon, spaghetti server, flexible turner and ladle, all nicely situated on a rotating storage stand.


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