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May is National Hamburger Month, and as juicy and succulent as a big burger can be, chances are that the half-pounder from your favorite burger joint isn’t exactly the healthiest option out there. You don’t have to give up the quintessential American food, just make sure you’re chewing on a burger that fits into your healthy eating plan. We’ve rounded up 13 incredible healthy burgers for meat lovers, vegetarians and even vegans!

Traditional beefy burgers

1. My Texas Beef Burger

NutriFit founder, Jackie Keller, shows us how to enjoy a beefy burger the healthy way with this tasty burger recipe.

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2. Mushroom Merlot Burger

Talk about gourmet! This delicious beef burger is only 454 calories!

Recipe and photo courtesy of The Beef Checkoff.

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3. Spicy Cheeseburger Sliders

It’s easy to enjoy a beefy burger when you eat just one or two mini-sliders.

Recipe and photo courtesy of The Beef Checkoff.

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Buffalo, turkey and fish burgers

4. Lean & Green Dill Salmon Burgers with Creamy Cocktail Sauce

Never tried a salmon burger? Don’t grab the frozen patties from the store! Whip up your own tasty version using this recipe.

Recipe is from Clean Eating for Busy Families: Get Meals on the Minutes with Simple and Satisfying Whole-Foods Recipes You and Your Kids Will Love (Fair Winds Press, 2012), by Michelle Dudash, RD.

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5. Peanut Teriyaki Turkey Burger

Spice up your standard turkey burger and turn it into something special with peanuts and teriyaki sauce!

Used with permission by the National Peanut Board.

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6. Stuffed Greek Turkey Burgers

The Roasted Red Pepper Aoili sauce and feta cheese really make this turkey burger something special.

The recipe was developed by Colleen Fields, a food blogger and recipe developer who can be found over at Colleen’s Kitchen.

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7. Plains Buffalo Burger

Never tried buffalo meat? Now’s your chance! Buffalo meat is naturally lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than your garden-variety ground beef.

This recipe was developed by three-time James Beard Cookbook Award winner, Judith Choate and can be found in A Reader’s Cookbook, courtesy of Red Rock Press.

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Vegetarian and Vegan Burger Options

8. Grilled Eggplant Caprese Burger

You’ve heard of eggplant parmesan, so why not eggplant burgers? The caprese toppings make this American meal into something a little more international.

The recipe was developed by Colleen Fields, a food blogger and recipe developer who can be found over at Colleen’s Kitchen.

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9. Spinache Chickpea Burger

Chickpeas can be used for more than just hummus. Put your vegetarian skills to work by whipping up this tasty, healthy burger.

This vegan-friendly healthy burger recipe is straight from the PW Bestseller The China Study Cookbook.

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10. Millet Burgers with Miso and Pumpkin Sauce

How good do these look? Start this recipe the night before a big party and wow your friends with your vegetarian cooking skills.

This recipe is from the cookbook, Janella’s Wholefood Kitchen, published by Allen & Unwin and distributed by Trafalgar Square Publishing/iPg,

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11. Vegetarian Freekeh Burger with Chipotle Mustard

It’s time to get freekeh! This ancient grain is the perfect base for vegetarians looking for a hearty, healthy burger alternative.

Recipe: Reprinted with permission from the cookbook: 30 Ways to Freekeh! By Bonnie Matthews, Freekeh Foods

Photos © Bonnie Matthews,, 2012

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12. Spicy Buffalo Black Bean & Quinoa Burger with Vegan Bleu Cheese Sauce

When you want a little extra spice in your life, skip the meat and go for this spicy, protein-rich black bean and quinoa burger.

Developed by Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, the holistic nutritionist, vegan chef and cookbook author behind the site, The Healthy Voyager.

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13. The Big Mouth BBQ Black Bean & Brown Rice Burger

Even the most dedicated carnivore will fall in love with these BBQ black bean burgers.

From The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen cookbook by vegan chef Carolyn Scott-Hamilton.

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