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Even if you don’t consider yourself a “girlie girl,” summer’s the perfect time to brighten up your makeup routine and play with color. But if you’ve loved the excuse of winter to cover up your toenails and keep your fingers subdued, you may not feel you have the patience or talent to pull off some of the hottest summer nail trends. Luckily, you have nothing to fear! One of the hottest trends this summer is the ring finger manicure – all you have to do is paint your ring finger an entirely different color than the rest of your nails. The extra splash of color will instantly draw attention to the rock you display on your ring finger… or it will instantly let potential dates know that you’re available. Either way, it’s easy to pull off and fun to experiment with. Check out these three ways to follow the trend.

The work-appropriate ring finger manicure

It’s summer, but you still have to look professional at work. Even if your workplace is conservative, you can pull off the ring finger manicure by using color-on-color updates. Simply apply a basecoat, choose a work-appropriate red, pink or nude to apply to all of your fingers, then apply a second coat on your ring finger in a same-color glitter polish. The affect will be subtle, but eye-catching all the same.

The attention-grabbing accent finger

Whether you’re heading to the beach or out on the town, if you want people to notice your nails, accent that ring finger with a bright summer hue. Neons and oranges are big this year, but we’re big fans of beach-inspired blues and golds. The affect is both fun and flashy. You can try the look easily on the weekend, then remove the accent color and tone it down by going all-gold during the week.

The pedicure

The easiest way to ease into this trend is to skip your fingernails and head straight down to your toes. By wearing close-toed shoes during the week you’ll keep your wild pedicure under wraps. On the weekends, however, you’ll have the freedom to break free when you throw on your sandals. For this style, we like using two bold, but complimentary colors – think shades of purple and yellow, blue and orange or even black and white!


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