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I’m constantly amazed by the incredible group of women who apply to be a part of the Girls Gone Sporty ambassador team. And while we’re still working to load all the ambassadors’ information onto our new site, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all of their hard work. These ladies are making a difference in their communities and online. They’re working to be their best selves, while showing those around them that it’s possible to live a healthy, happy, balanced life. And while this infographic just barely scratches the surface of who they are and what they represent, it’s a quick peek into the world of an ambassador. Learn more by checking out our ambassador page.

What this infographic doesn’t represent is the sheer awesomeness of the ladies in the group. We have women who have:

  • Lost more than 100 pounds, and kept it off the healthy way
  • Competed in the Olympics
  • Played division 1 sports
  • Became active for the first time in their 40s
  • Run more than 10 marathons
  • Completed Ironmans
  • Left lucrative careers to become professional athletes
  • Made over their families’ lives
  • Turned fitness and nutrition into a profession

And more than anything, just keep at it. These are fighters, winners, believers and achievers. If you’re an organization or brand who is interested in learning more about working with these awesome ladies, send me an email directly to

Note: All stats in the infographic are based on a representative sample of the Ambassador group.


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