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Pretty up that pigskin party

Entertainment doesn’t get much tougher than good ol’ American football, but that doesn’t mean your Sunday night homegating party needs to be rough ‘n tumble, too. Use these tips to class up your football party decorations and supplies so you can cheer on your favorite team in style.

Set the scene with personal style

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Red Solo cups and kegs are for the college kids. While not every game day needs to be a fashion-forward affair, the first step to classing up your homegating party is to set the stage. Skip the sweatpants and running shoes and opt for jeans, a fitted tee or jersey and a cute ballet flat in your team’s color scheme. Throw a Dooney & Bourke NFL bag over your shoulder, pour a glass of wine into these team-branded glasses, and cork and display your best bottle with wine accessories fashioned after NFL-blazoned high heels. Sure, they’re a little girly, but they’re also rad. So there’s that. And if you’re an especially big fan, deck yourself out in an understated watch you can wear every day.

For the record, I received a Dooney & Bourke Cowboys Zip Top Shopper bag for the purpose of this article, and it’s amazing. Really well-made and spacious – big enough for my laptop and cosmetics case, among other daily necessities. If you’re a diehard football fan, their NFL-branded line is killer, for sure.

Switch out your drink dispensers

No one’s saying you have to ditch your light beer or your boxed wine, but it can’t hurt to class up the presentation a bit. Every form of alcohol has its own dispensing options, but these are my personal favorites:

  1. Put your boxed wine in Boxxle. This stainless steel countertop dispenser works with any 3-liter container of boxed wine, turning the unsightly cardboard into a beautiful display. I’ve had (and used) my own Boxxle dispenser for about three years, and I actually just bought one for my brother and sister-in-law.
  2. Dispense beer from the BeerTender. Instead of bottles, cans, or a giant keg, pick up a mini keg of Heineken, Heineken Light or Newcastle Brown Ale and slip it into the attractive black-and-stainless countertop BeerTender that dispenses ice-cold beer at the pull of the lever.
  3. Pour spirits from the Stone Drink Dispenser. No one needs to know (or care) what type of alcohol you’re serving, because when you dispense it from the Stone Drink Dispenser, it’ll look like a million bucks. These handcrafted dispensers are made from cobbled granite and are affixed with a beach stone lever – both classy and contemporary.

Check out our Boxxle review >>

Class up the joint… by which I mean your home

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Please, for the love of all that’s holy, ditch the plastic inflatable football chairs and beanbags and make your den look like actual grown-ups live there. Instead of relying on tacky flags and foam fingers to create a team atmosphere, why not paint an accent wall in one of your team’s colors? Glidden Paint, available at The Home Depot, has a special line of “Team Colors” paints to match all 32 NFL teams. Other little accessories, like stainless steel coasters, a natural fiber door mat, and insignia-etched beer glasses from Pottery Barn, all work together to give your home the party atmosphere you’re craving without the blatant plastic debauchery so common to low-brow tailgating. Not that there’s not a place for low-brow tailgating, but that place doesn’t have to be your home.

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