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Break away from on-campus fitness

Going to college is a big adjustment, and whether or not you’re involved in fitness activities on campus, there’s a whole new world (well, town) out there ready to be explored! Look at this as an exciting time to check out your new surroundings and see what’s going on off campus. Give yourself a mini getaway from school life by varying your workout routines. Here are ways to keep yourself physically fit by finding off-campus fitness and outdoor exercise ideas.

Local Parks

Spend a Saturday exploring your new surroundings. If you’re in a small town, you could ride your bike through local parks, and if you live in a large area, visit one park each weekend. It’s amazing how you may not even realize what’s in your own backyard.

Use local parks as a way to change up your workout routine. We all go through times when we get into a fitness rut, maybe you’re running the same course, or going to the same yoga studio day after day. Take your workout to a new space. Map out a running or bike route online first. Google Maps and tools like MayMyFitness help you plan a course that’s to the exact specifications you want to go.

To find great biking trails in your area, provides thorough overviews complete with photos and detailed maps of trails in nearby cities.

If you normally work out in a gym or fitness studio, take the weekend to workout outside. Write down exercises immediately after a fitness class so you can remember the sequence to do on your own in the park. Pack a set of basic weights in your car and do toning outside. Easy tricks like these will keep your campus and the gym from becoming monotonous.

Road Races

The trick to finding local races is by searching through sites like,, and They have comprehensive lists of races organized by time and location. Keep your eye out for flyers around campus for charitable road races. There are countless organizations, from sororities, to local businesses, to student organizations, sponsoring 5K races all the time.

Also, don’t forget to look into local running clubs too. Road Runners Club of America, lists clubs within your state. Meet up with the people who love the same thing you do. There’s no better way to push your workouts than by having someone do them with you.

Sports Leagues

Sports Leagues are great ways to stay active while interacting with people of the community. They are chances to meet adults outside of the student body. You can find contact information on your city’s website or you could request details at your local park’s information center. If you’re still looking for a way to learn more about a sports league, talk to the locals. Your professors, or even upper classmen could know information or people you could talk to about joining.

Aerobic Studios

If your rec center yoga classes are too crowded or you want a place off campus to really come to your “Zen” search for local studios around town. They may not be free of charge like some classes at the rec center could be, but it may just be worth getting away for a class here and there. To find studios near you, it’s as simple as checking to search for studios in your town.

Everyone’s workout could use a little fun change of scenery from time to time. It never hurts to just take a break and get lost around town for a day. Most importantly, don’t forget there’s a world outside of campus that could offer a lot of fun, and a lot of opportunities.

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