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A sweaty workout may make you feel great, but the sweat itself – it’s not as awesome. Sweatbands of years past were itchy, bulky, and unattractive, and sweat towels have a habit of walking off.

Handana’s founder, Katie Niemeyer, was determined to solve this problem. In 2012 she was training for a marathon and became frustrated with the options on the market. She wanted a fashionable and functional solution for managing her sweat, and decided to develop Handana. The product launched in 2012 and helped Niemeyer cross the finish line of her own 26.2 mile race.

But the question is – how does the Handana stack up? What do real women think of the product in action? Girls Gone Sporty worked with Handana to provide eight Ambassadors with product to test out and review. These are their experiences:

Rachel, Crafts ‘n Fitness

“I love my Handana!

I picked size medium which fits perfectly on my hand – it’s snug enough to stay put, but not enough to feel tight or uncomfortable. I didn’t particularly like the neon color, but I love that the website offers lots of color options. I sweat a lot during my workouts, so this product has been a life saver because I have very sensitive skin and can’t use many things to wipe the sweat off my face. It washes well and doesn’t lose its shape or color. The Handana is offered in five sizes, for men and women.

This is a must have product for anyone who sweats!”

  • Pros: Fits great, lots of colors and sizes
  • Cons: Wish it was a little less expensive

Allyson, Amp Runs

allyson handana

“As I first took the Handana out of the package, I was surprised at how thick the material actually was.  It’s very well made, and soft.  It does stretch, but not much due to the thickness.  I was sent a size small which fit me well, if not a little snug in the hand part.  According to their website, I actually measured between an extra-small and small.

I first tried it out on my 13 mile long run, which was a hot and humid morning. It worked very well to absorb the sweat when I blotted my face, especially to keep sweat from running down into my eyes. I’m not used to having something around my hand when I run. I thought I wouldn’t notice it after awhile, but unfortunately that didn’t happen for me, and I couldn’t get past the snugness around my knuckles – it seemed a little too snug for my liking around the hand. My fingers are naturally cold, and this seemed to accentuate it.  Maybe a size medium would have fit better? I will see if it stretches a little over time.

I think I’ll really like the Handana in cooler or windier weather, when I’m not ready to break out the gloves. It’ll be good for wiping my nose when it constantly runs (much better than having to use a sleeve or blow my nose all the time!). Looking forward to testing it out in the cold weather months.”

  • Pros: Soft, thick material, very absorbent, well made
  • Cons: Hot in the warm weather; held the sweat from the palm; noticeable snugness around the knuckles

Amanda, Adventures with FitNyx

“I’m a profuse sweater, and carrying a towel with me on runs or for classes can be a hassle, so I was eager to give the Handana a whirl.  Zumba class was the perfect opportunity! As an instructor, I really can’t stop mid-song to reach for a towel – it throws off my students, many of whom don’t have my routines memorized (it’s still a new studio for me), but it also interrupts my own groove. This is especially true when I’m rehearsing or trying to choreograph a new routine. I can’t be popping in and out of the beat to deal with sweat pouring into my contacts.

Enter: the Handana. This hand-wrap sweatband is the perfect solution for my problem!

I wore my Handana the entire night, and used it frequently, but it never felt drippy or itchy, even when full of sweat. I didn’t have to break my routine when the sweat started pumping, which made the entire class experience so much smoother for everyone, and, for me, much more comfortable! I’m really looking forward to having this with me on summer runs, when the Chicago humidity is overwhelming and my face is dripping!”

  • Pros: Well-designed to fit the hand – not bulky or loose; allows full range of motion with no unnecessary tugging; very absorbent; doesn’t leak or scratch when wet; always on hand (pun intended) for a quick wipe
  • Cons: Started tight; sizing might not have been right

Amy, Miss Adventures in Running

handana“Overall, I liked the Handana and feel that it lived up to its claims. I barely noticed I was wearing it on my run. It’s very lightweight and didn’t irritate my skin at all. The fabric wiped sweat away cleanly and the material washed very easily in the washing machine.

The hand that I wore the Handana on did get sweatier than my other hand. Maybe a more breathable fabric would have been better. The Lycra was great for wiping the sweat, but perhaps the other side could have been a lighter fabric with more ventilation.”

  • Pros: Lightweight, non-irritating and true to advertising
  • Cons: Might have enjoyed a more breathable fabric on one side to reduce the sweat accumulation

Annmarie L., The Fit Foodie Mama

“I heard about Handana a while ago, and since I have the tendency to sweat bullets, I was eager to try it out. When I received the product I was pleased to find that the material was soft and had a comfortable feel. I tested the Handana on a run and during a bodyweight workout. Both times I got sweaty and was able to use the Handana to wipe off the sweat. I found the material to be very wickable and lightweight.

In the past, I have used traditional terrycloth wrist bands when working out to wipe my sweat, and found that the Handana is less cumbersome and more effective in wicking moisture away. I think Handana is perfect to wear on a run when you need to wipe sweat out of your eyes or wipe a drip away from your nose!”

  • Pros: Wickable Lyrca fabric was soft and comfortable; the design made it easy to slip on and off
  • Cons: While Handana is great for running and cardio-based activities, it might not be great while gripping weights

Mandy, The Running Besties

“I love the Handana! It’s lightweight, comfortable, and cute! I hardly knew it was there, until I needed it. I used it while working out and it was great for wiping the sweat from my forehead and keeping it out of my eyes. The Handana didn’t interfere with lifting weights at all.”

  • Pros: Comfortable, sweat-wicking, cute
  • Cons: Wish I would’ve gotten a pink one

Kelli, KelliFreese.com

“I was so excited to try out the Handana and wear it to bootcamp and on a run. I’m constantly forgetting my towel and end up using my hand or shirt to get the sweat out of my eyes, and it never really works. I loved the Handana. It quickly absorbed sweat, and for once I didn’t have sweat rolling in my eyes at bootcamp or on my run. It was also easy to throw in the wash after a good sweat-fest, which is a huge plus.

The only thing I didn’t love about the Handana is that there aren’t more designs. I would love some that accented my workout clothes and weren’t solids.”

  • Pros: Absorbed sweat effectively, easy to wash
  • Cons: Wish there were print designs to choose from

Melissa, Curvaceous and Confident


“I love my handana! Not only does it fit perfectly and comfortably, the pink color is fabulous! I tried it while doing a Zumba workout (we all know sweat is heavy at Zumba!) and it worked perfectly. I didn’t have to stop and grab my towel to wipe away sweat like usual. I highly recommend this product.”

  • Pros: Comfortable and stylish, doesn’t get in the way of workouts
  • Cons: Should come in a set of two – easy to use the wrong hand to wipe the sweat if only wearing one

Overall Impressions

The eight women who tested the Handana product had great things to say about this hand-wrapped sweat band. The product was absorbent, comfortable and well-made. The main concerns focused on size and breathability. If you’re between sizes, or you don’t like products that lie tight against your skin, you may want to size up. But if you’re one of the many women tired of wiping sweat on your t-shirt or carrying towels with you wherever you go, pick up a Handana to use as a substitute. The hand wraps start at just $13 at myhandana.com.

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