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I’ve been a huge fan of Uncommon Goods for years. If you’re unfamiliar with their store, it’s an online marketplace bringing together creative, original, high-quality merchandise that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere (at least, all in one spot). I’ve been using Uncommon Goods for gift-giving since at least 2005, especially when searching for the perfect gift for the “person who has (or could have) everything.” And, just because I love them, I’ve included their products in a number of roundups on this very site!

After my most recent Uncommon Goods mention, one of the company’s reps got in touch and offered me the chance to check out some of their products first-hand. You’d think, after all my years of purchasing from their store, I’d be super-familiar with the products myself, but believe it or not, I’ve never bought anything for myself from their store! So, I was psyched to get to pick out a few pieces.

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Foodie Flash Cards, $10

Perfect as a stocking stuffer for the foodie or wanna-be foodie in your life, these flashcards provide users with the opportunity to bone up on food-based vocabulary. In addition to vocabulary words, descriptions and images, the product also comes with instructions for a few fun games like “Competitive Eating,” “Mystery Meat,” and “Mise En Place.”

My favorite new words so far:

  • Toothsome: 1) Having a pleasing texture and delicious flavor, 2) Attractive or voluptuous; ex: “Your muffins look gloriously toothsome, sweetie.”
  • Short eats: Small snacks common in Sri Lanka, Inda, and other parts of South Asia, served to eat on the go or as appetizers; ex: “Wanna grab a chocolate milk and some short eats?”
  • Cupping: The practice of formally tasting several different coffees in one sitting to evaluate their flavor profile, aroma, and equality; ex: “I think you’d learn a lot from a cupping at my place.”

Tube Messenger Bag, $35

The Tube Messenger Bag is actually made out of recycle truck tire tubes! I love recycled products, and was super excited about checking this one out. I actually used it for the first time last night when I went to dinner with a friend and got several compliments on the overall effect. It’s just funky enough to have a certain sense of style, and rugged enough to go just about anywhere. Perfect as an affordable gift for the person who rides her bike to work or who does battle every day with a car-full of kids in tow, the only drawback is the rubbery small and the lack of interior pockets. This is a problem for me since I turn every bag into a trash receptacle, but if you’re more organized, you’ll love it!

Bike Owner’s Handbook, $18

As a basic cyclist who knows how to ride a bike, but has know idea how to maintain one, this request was more of a necessity than the other two items I received. The Bike Owner’s Handbook offers easy-to-follow instructions on basic bike maintenance, along with great illustrations and a little bit of humor. If you know someone who recently purchased a bike, or who is going to get one as a Christmas gift, this is the perfect add-on to round out the cycling experience and help that novice rider become a little less novice.

Want to shop Uncommon Goods for free? Check out the giveaway we have starting on 10/12/2013 and running through 10/31/2013! One winner will win a $50 gift card to use on whatever she wants.

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